Adventures with the FatBike

I first received my SE F@R FatBike in February. I wanted to put it through heck and back, to see if it was worth it…. it definitely was! From riding across a frozen lake with 10 inches of snow to riding through 3 feet of water on the beach, each time I ride, I get a new feeling of excitement.

On March 28th, I took the FatBike to Michigan for the Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. I had raced the same race in 2013 on a Cyclocross bike and new what I was in for. I woke up at 3 a.m. to pick up my buddy and drive the 4.5 hours to Hastings, MI. After we picked up our packets, we had about 20 minutes to prep and get to the starting line. After filling my massive tires to 25 psi, we jetted off to the start line. I was the first wave and had to move a barrier to jump in line 30 seconds before the gun went off. From what I saw, I was the only Fatty (One who rides a FatBike, lol) to attempt the 62 mile race. There was several other fatties racing the 36 mile and 24 mile portions. After a grueling back and forth race, I came across the finish line with a gleaming smile. Never during a race, have I been called fat so many times and praised for my hard effort. I came in about 120 out of 165 people. Averaging close to 16.5 mph for the 62mile race.

The FatBike is not only an all around fun bike, but a great training tool as well. My Triathlon bike was being custom painted during the winter, therefore my FatBike was the only bike I had for several months. I rode on it several times a week and in my first race on my Tri bike I improved my milage as opposed to last year. Calvin’s Challenge is the race to which I am referring and will write more about it in another blog entry soon.

The pictures below are of my adventures, I have also attached  a video of me taking it through about 1.5 feet deep water…. in slo-mo!


Happy Riding!


Billy Volchko




Headed home from the Barry Roubaix race.

Headed home from the Barry Roubaix race.

Parked on the lake during the Polar Bear Plunge.

Parked on the lake during the Polar Bear Plunge.

Fatbikes can be faster than road bikes!

FatBikes can be faster than road bikes!

Fat Biking at Portage Lakes State Park

FatBiking at Portage Lakes State Park