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What is BMX?

BMX is a noun used to describe a kind of bicycle designed to be used for organized racing on a dirt track. This term came about in the 1970’s and combines the words “bicycle” and “motocross.” The B coming from bicycle and the MX coming from motocross. While BMXing became extremely popular in the USA during the 80’s, some would argue that it began in Holland in the 1950’s.

In 1963, Schwinn released the “Sting-Ray.” With this, the evolution of the BMX bike begins.

Fast-forward nearly 50 years and you’ll see the evolution of BMXing. Today, there is a resurgence in the BMX world with different types of riding.

Freestyle BMX today

Freestyle BMX is a combination of 5 different disciplines within BMX riding. Those disciplines consist of:

Flatland– Flatland BMX consists of doing tricks on your bike without the rider touching the ground. This form of riding is very technical because the style of riding is done on a completely flat surface such as a parking lot or basketball court.

Street– Street BMX is where you bike on the street while using everyday urban objects such as railings, benches, ledges and other other objects to perform tricks.

Park– Park BMX takes place within the confines of a skatepark. Skateparks consist of ramps, gaps, bowls, boxes and other obstacles where riders perform a series of tricks.

Vert– Vert riding takes place within a U-shaped pipe called a half pipe. Usually half pipes consist of sidewalls ranging in height from 10 to 15 feet. The lip of the wall has a metal pipe for grinding called a coping. Most of the tricks are done in the air with riders landing on the transition area while maintaining speed to ride up the other side of the half pipe to perform another trick in unison. “Vert” gets its name from the vertical section of the pipe on either side that is located between the transition area and the coping.

Dirt Jumping– Dirt jumping consists of a series of heavily compacted dirt jumps designed to launch the rider high in to the air. The rider rides through these dirt jump trails and performs tricks while airborne before landing and pedaling or coasting to the next jump. This type of riding is based solely off of the tricks performed and not on time.

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