Cruising Fat Tad

Ed relaxing after a ride.

Ed relaxing after a ride.

Working in a bike shop, we sometimes receive some great perks. One of the greatest perks besides helping people find their love for cycling is trying out new bikes. It has to be one of my most favorite things. Carrying a broad spectrum of bikes allows us to constantly try out our brands across all types of bikes.

Recently Sun Seeker came out with one that I have absolutely loved. Being a road rider riding road and time-trial bikes it’s usually about carbon fiber and good components. Well this time, things have changed. While flipping through our supplemental September catalog our eyes came to rest on the Sun Seeker Fat-Tad trike. This thing showed 3 fat tire wheels with a coil over suspension on the frame and an integrated suspension on the fork. It was also paired with a front derailleur and rear Sram derailleur giving you 24 speeds to roll over a plethora of terrain. Needless to say, the shop HAD to have one.


Which one has more horse power!?

When it got in, it was quickly assembled so it could head out on its maiden voyage. First sitting down on it, you can’t help but feel the comfort of it. It’s got a full padded mesh seat giving you great comfort as you sit down on it. The other great features are the handlebars are right there at your sides as you’re reclined back in the seat, not  to mention your feet go straight out which is surprisingly comfortable too.

Taking off is a breeze from the low gear. I was easily able to climb up the incline right out our door to make my way to the trail. On the ride the trike felt incredibly stable and smooth. I’ve ridden a standard fat tire bike a few times and the one thing I’ve noticed is that the tires act as shock absorbers themselves, but couple this bike with the suspension and this ride is silky smooth. Shifting is a breeze and finding that perfect gear is pretty simple. On my ride I jumped off the towpath and rode up the embankment next to and never felt like I was going to tip over. I just found the right gear, kept pedaling and the bike went where I pointed it. All in all I was so impressed that I hooked up my new GoPro camera to it to film the action and then make a little video to share. All in all, this thing is a blast and seems to catch everyone’s eye too.

Written By Zack G.

Video filmed and edited by Zack G: Facebook Video Link


The Sun Seeker Fat Tad