Bike Fitting

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Bike Fitting


What is Bike Fitting?

Bike Fitting is the act of adjusting the bike to fit the rider. Changes can be made to the seat height, seat fore and aft, seat tilt, stem angle, stem length, handlebars, cleat position, and several other places. In the process of fitting, the rider will undergo a flexibility analysis and interview. By finding out more about the rider, the fitter will be able to adjust the bike for the current and future needs of the cyclist.


How Does Brimstone Bicycles Do Fittings?

Brimstone Bicycles’ certified bike fitter will start the process with a series of questions. Several of these questions include, riding ability, riding experience, future goals in cycling, and any current pains. During the interview process the rider and fitter will get a chance to talk one-on-one to ensure the best fit possible. After the interview, the fitter will start the flexibility test including: hamstrings, lower back, and hip flexors. The measurements from the test are used for comfort parameters when fitting. The last step of the process is the adjustment phase. The fitter will make changes, while the customer gets on and off the bike, which is on a trainer, and rides to make sure everything feels good as the adjustments continue.


What Happens Next?

We suggest that after the fitting is complete, you ride for several weeks/months and return feedback. If you are unhappy with your fit for any reason in the first six moths, we will adjust for free. Several things can change during the course of riding, including riding more, change in flexibility, injury, etc. We will try our best to accommodate you if any of these are to occur. We are all cyclist ourselves, and your comfort and happiness is very important to us.


Who is the Fitter?

Currently Brimstone Bicycles’ Fitter is Billy Volchko. With a plethora of paid fittings under his belt, Billy has a great track record. He is always available to offer his advice on riding and training. As a 4 time Ironman distance finisher and long distance cyclist, he knows the importance of a good bike fit. After getting hit by a vehicle while riding, he also knows what it takes to come back to riding after serious injury.


How Does One Schedule a Fitting?

Please email Billy Volchko at or stop in the shop and schedule on site. Please schedule an appointment a few days in advance. The fitting process will take 2-3 hours. Please allow for a 3 hour time frame, so the fitting will not be rushed. You will need riding clothes, bike shoes, and bike. We have the trainer and tools for the fitting.


What is the Cost?

The fitting will cost 150$. This includes the 3 hour fitting and the follow up. If any extra parts are needed, a discount will be given, but the cost is extra.


Billy's bike fitting certification.